Ringold Housing - Mesa, WA

Ringold Seasonal Farmworker Housing opened April, 2011 and is located at 14631 Road 170, Mesa, Washington. Farmers can rent a bed for a worker for $12 per night.

It includes six duplexes, with a total of 12 self-contained units. Each unit includes two bedrooms with four beds (eight beds per unit) for a maximum of 96 individuals at any one time. In addition there is a year-round resident manager located in a single-family dwelling on site as well as an office and basketball court.

Contact Ringold Housing Manager
Jose Contereas
(509) 948-2005

Several agencies cooperated to make the development possible. The U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, donated land to Franklin County Farm Bureau which, in turn, leased the land to wafla.

Wafla manages the development, leasing up to 90 percent of the beds to area growers. At least 10 percent of the beds will be reserved for the farmworker public.




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