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Worker Onboarding Videos

Purchase these educational, strategic, and motivational onboarding videos in Spanish to insulate your company, motivate workers and communicate the rules. Perfect for short employee training sessions. A modest investment in training and prevention is worth its weight in gold!

What you get

You will receive a thumb drive with 12 short training videos in Spanish that pack a punch along with an instructional booklet that includes the verbatim training scripts in English. Additional onsite, in-depth training for management/HR and trainer(s) is available. Learn more! Special bonus! Receive with your purchase "Principles of Leadership for Supervisors and Managers" - 10 modules of motivational audio training in Spanish (CD module descriptions English). 

Training video courses listed below

    • Print verbatim English Script to follow along.
    • View Conflict Resolution Video in Spanish to right.


    • Learn of issues before they get critical
    • Helps prevent sexual harassment
    • Builds team work and host of other skills
    • Educates workers on proper way to communicate to HR
    • Teaches workers proper procedures to resolve issues internally
    • Provides informal communication channel for workers to voice concerns and complaints
    • Motivates workers and improves performance
    • Evaluates the performance of your crew leaders

    Twelve Short Videos (Spanish)  

    Educational, Strategic, Motivational                                                         

    • Conflict resolution (Educational)
    • Cooperation (Strategic)
    • Direct Visitors to Their Supervisors (Strategic)
    • Hostile Work Environment (Strategic)
    • How to Make the Most of my Job (Motivational)
    • How to Read a Pay Stub (Educational)
    • Problem Solving (Strategic)
    • Progressive Discipline (Educational)
    • Respect (Educational)
    • Sexual Harassment (Strategic)
    • Team Work (Motivational)
    • Understanding Make-up Wages (Educational)

    Invest in your Workforce today!

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