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wafla Membership FAQ’s

How do I renew my membership?

If you have an existing membership that is expiring: 1) "Login" to your profile at; 2) "View profile"; 3) Select "Change membership level" or "Renew" tab.  Note: You can upgrade at any time from a single membership to one of the group bundles.

How am I reimbursed if I have a existing membership and want to upgrade to a bundle Package?
Please proceed with the upgrade and pay the new full price. It will alert you to contact the site administrator to issue the appropriate refund manually via a check in the mail to you.

I have not yet joined but I want to do it now.  How do I do that?
Simply click on any Join tab at

What do I get for my annual membership?
You get free unlimited answers to any labor and employment question, you can access over a thousand pages of useful documents from our members only portion of our website, you get to attend our webinars, conferences, and other training.  And you gain access to all of our products and services we offer.

I have an orchard and a packing house with a common ownership.  Do I need a different membership for each company?
No.  As long as you designate one company, we will cover the farm and your packing house.  Of course, you probably will want to have at least a three person bundle to cover the HR people at each site.

If one person joins, can everyone from our company view the member pages and attend wafla functions?
Only the designated email address and log in password can view the Members Only portion of our website and attend webinars, and we want to encourage you to sign up all of your employees who need HR information.  For in person training, we allow members to register as many guests from their company as they like, and at the member price.

So, now that you know a little more about the membership levels, please take a moment to renew or join!

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