wafla Membership FAQ’s

Q: Which type of member am I?
A: If you are a seasonal employer that utilizes any of our products or services, you are a regular wafla member! If your company is a partner business that works closely with wafla and wants to gain access to our communications and events, then you are an industry partner member. Industry partners do not get voting rights in the association.

Q: Why five logins per membership?
A: Five logins gives wafla members more access to our
online employer resources such as HR Answers, required postings, and the H-2A Portal. The new structure comes at a great value of $60 per login, a huge decrease from the previous minimum of $125 for an individual membership. We also sought to simplify our membership structure to eliminate confusion.

Q: Who do I contact to change my company’s membership?
A: You can contact Jean Maybin at (360) 455-8064 x 113. She can help you adjust your membership and teach you how you can adjust it yourself.

Q: Who should get the logins in my company?
A: That is up to you. However, we recommend giving access to those in your company who will utilize our HR resources the most, such as employees involved in the H-2A process, payroll, or HR.

Q: What does ‘bundle administrator’ mean?
A: This means you are in charge of your membership bundle. The bundle administrator can adjust the other memberships in the bundle. Administrators will be able to make payments towards membership dues on the account.

Q: I forgot my password, how do I login?
A: You can reset your password click here. You can also contact Jean Maybin at (360) 455-8064 x 113..

Q: How can I access the H-2A Portal?
A: You gain access to the H-2A Portal when you utilize our H-2A service. After you
login you can click on the H-2A Portal graphic on the homepage of the website. You can also click on the H-2A Portal tab that will appear on the left menu after you log in. If neither of these are working, please contact Jean Maybin at (360) 455-8064 x 113..

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