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For a low annual fee of $300 and .50 per worker (all workers count, including seasonal workers), a comprehensive harassment hotline service that includes a toll free number, videos, training, and investigation services.

This is the cement for the wall that protects your company against million dollar harassment claims. Think about it – you have a policy, you conduct training, and you tell managers to do the right thing. These are the bricks of your wall. But what if the worker claims that they did not receive the policy, what if you can’t produce a record of your harassment training? The harassed worker may claim they were not made aware of the policy, and you will be grasping at straws. But with the hotline, it is much tougher for the worker to claim they were not aware of the hotline complaint process number. Everyone receives the wallet card upon hiring, and there are posters everywhere. Bottom Line: Complaint procedures should include multiple outlets so that workers aren't limited to telling their supervisor. The more user friendly the policy, the more effective it will be! 


As soon as you sign up for the service, a wafla staff member will schedule a quick training with you to review the service, go through the exact script that the hotline operator will use, and drop off posters and wallet cards for workers. We will even provide you an excellent short sexual harassment on-boarding video in English and Spanish you can show to all new hires.

How it Works

If one of your workers uses the hotline, we will immediately send you a copy of the report they filed with the hotline service.

After you read the initial report, we will discuss next steps. If an investigation is warranted wafla can assist you, work with your attorney or HR staff. Our four part investigation service includes: investigation design, conducting the investigation, formal report with recommendations, and a follow up. The investigation service costs $3,000, but it is discounted by $500 for members who are enrolled in the hotline service.

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