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DOL Compliance Service

Increased regulatory activity by the Department of Labor has sent shock waves throughout the Northwest Agriculture Industry and resulted in major fines against several growers.

Are you prepared if DOL investigates your business? 

Investigations can result in six figure fines. With the stakes this high, doesn't it make sense to be prepared?

With a little upfront preparation, you can avoid fines, stay in compliance with changing labor regulations and implement an airtight plan to protect your business in the event of a DOL investigation.

DOL Preparation Service
The DOL Compliance Service is a mock investigation. It includes an opening conference, a discussion of applicable exemptions, a records inspection, interviews of workers, and a final conference to create a compliance plan. 

Housing and vehicle inspections, as well as a detailed management report, are also available. 

We will also train your management and workers how to communicate with DOL officials should they launch an investigation.  

Best of all, if you are are investigated by the DOL after undergoing our audit and you follow the recommended confidential management report, we will represent you - free of charge - and arrange to have our representative on site to assist you in the investigation.

This one and half day consultation costs between $1,000 and $3,000 depending on the size of your operation and the services you select, plus mileage reimbursement.

Emergency Assistance Service
The Department of Labor (DOL) Wage and Hour division randomly conducts inspections generally during the busy season.  The inspections are detailed.  They include a review of records, interviews with workers, inspections of housing and vehicles.

If you have been contacted by DOL and need guidance and help immediately, follow the following steps NOW:

  1. Immediately request a scheduling letter which details the entity to be investigated and the records the agency is seeking.  Request one week to prepare for the inspection.  This is your right!  Most employers are afraid to stand up for their rights because they believe the agency will find fewer violations if the employer agrees to start the inspection right away.  This is not the case.  Fewer problems result if you are prepared for the inspection.
  2. If the inspector is intimidating or you are not comfortable speaking with him/her, you may state you are a member of the wafla, and Dan Fazio at the association is your representative, and ask they contact Dan to schedule the inspection.
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  4. Call us at (360) 455-8064.
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