You need a plan to protect your company from labor disruptions.

Labor unrest can happen at any operation... and the impacts can be devastating. You can't afford disruptions at your operation.
You need a plan.

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Reduce your chances of labor unrest.

Be ready to respond if it happens.

Get Strike-Proof.

"Strike-Proof Your Operation" is an online training course that equips you with practical tools to ensure that labor unrest won't interrupt your operation. 16 video modules presented by industry experts and attorneys will help you understand what causes labor events and how to recover quickly if a strike or walkout occurs.

Every employer needs the confidence that comes from having a plan.

What You Get:

16 Training Videos

✔ Clear, focused training

✔ 3 total hours of content

✔ Average Module: 11 Minutes

 "Strike-Proof" Companion Workbook

✔ 16 Chapters, 70+ Pages

✔ Valuable Tools, Templates & Exercises

✔ Overview of Related Laws

✔ Team Discussion Questions

 Company Action Plan Builder

✔ Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Tailored Plan

✔ Lowers Chances of Unrest

 Prepares You to Respond Effectively

  Monthly Group Coaching Calls

✔ Private Virtual Calls with wafla Team and other Strike-Proof Members

✔ Offered July - October 2021

✔ Expert support

 Join live or view recording

 All content sharable within your company

✔ Workbook

✔ Video Links

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Regular Price: $899

Get the complete course package for a special member rate of just $497!

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Short video training modules  provided by attorneys, industry experts and wafla staff... more than 3 hours of total training!

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Easily notate what you learn from the video trainings in this printable workbook. 

More than 70 pages of valuable tools, templates, exercises, discussion questions, worksheets, and checklists!

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Come away with a ready-to-implement, customized Company Action Plan that will make your operation virtually strike-proof.

We'll provide step-by-step instructions for building a plan that's tailored to your operation.

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00 Introduction

01  Basic Legal Framework

02  Communication Habits

03  Workforce Communication Plan 

04  Detecting Warning Signs

05  Workforce Pulse Checklist

06  Reacting to the Union

07  Agenda for First Meeting with Workers 

08  Public Relations Plan Builder

09  Secondary Boycotts

10  Case Study: “The Hell We Went Through”

11  Secondary Boycott Buffer 

12  Union Threat Management 

13  BONUS: H-2A Dynamics

14  BONUS: H-2A Case Study 

15  Company Action Plan Builder

Overview of Related Laws


Company Action Plan

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Learn from farmers who have learned the hard way...

This course grew out of real conversations with wafla members who have dealt with the impacts of walkouts, strikes, and pressure from unions.

Most employers who have experienced a labor event wish they had been better prepared. Don't make the same mistake!

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Proactive employers don't leave unrest to chance. 

Strike-proof your operation now!

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All course content is easily sharable within your company. 

✔ Workbook

✔ Video Links

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It pays to be prepared.

Without a clear plan, a labor event will balloon into enormous legal expenses, halt your harvest, and shrink your profits. 

Considering how much you invest in your workforce, you can't afford higher legal fees and lower profits.

$497 is all it has to cost you to be ready.

Compare that to legal fees... and to the cost of having no plan at all.

It's a HUGE value.

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