We'll make sure your I-9s are solid.

Properly completed I-9s are your insurance policy in the event of an ICE audit. No operation is immune to an audit, and mistakes on a Form I-9 could result in hefty fines. 

How confident are you that your I-9s are compliant?

Best practice is to regularly review/audit your Forms I-9 for accuracy. Unfortunately, self-audits are more likely to miss errors than an outside party trained to identify problems. 

With wafla's Form I-9 Review Service, you can be confident that your I-9s are in great shape without spending thousands of dollars!

The best way to protect your operation in event of an audit is to have rock solid I-9s!

 Available Services:

 One-Time Form I-9 Review
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*Electronic Review/Audit of 25 Form I-9s 

*Suggested Remedies/Corrections Report

*Recommended Policy Changes 

*$500 discount on wafla's ICE Audit Assistance Service if you're audited by ICE

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 ICE Audit Assistance
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An ICE Audit can be an enormous, stressful undertaking. If you've received a Notice of Inspection from ICE, wafla can make the process SO much easier. You don't need to pay an Attorney over twice as much for a process that could take twice as long!

Lowest Stress: Wafla's team advocates for you and handles all communications with ICE.
Fastest Resolution: We understand the process and can ensure that it comes to the quickest conclusion. 
Best Outcome: We have an outstanding track record of limiting fines and penalties.

 $3,000 Retainer

*$500 discount if wafla has reviewed your I-9s.

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