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The Washington Farm Labor Association offers a full array of training and events, web-based and in-person (see below). We also provide custom on-site training.

We are the recognized leader in the state for training regarding the Form I-9, state/federal labor and employment compliance, as well as many other industry specific labor issues and relevant topics.

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    • September 11, 2014
    • 11:00 AM
    • September 25, 2014
    • 12:00 PM
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    Back to School Web Series

    Industry experts deliver the answers you need straight to you!

    Thursdays in September (11A - Noon)
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    THURS | SEP 11

    Conducting an HR Investigation

    Presenter: Rod Stephens, Attorney and Counselor at Law, Stephens Law Firm

    You have had it with a problem employee. You make up your mind to terminate, but she just filed a sexual harassment claim. Or, in the middle of apple harvest, some workers get in a fight, and others are taking sides. Both situations require investigations. Getting your crop picked is number one priority, but unfortunately serious HR issues arise that must be dealt with properly to protect the business. This webinar walks you through an HR investigation, provides sample policies and forms, and answers questions such as when you can conduct the investigation yourself and when you should hire an outside, expert. Rod Stephens, attorney and counselor at Stephens Law Firm, provides a lively presentation and insights from your attorney’s perspective.

    THURS | SEP 18

    Is Piece Rate Going Away?

    Presenter: Jason Resnick, Vice President, General Counsel, Western Growers

    State and federal courts in California have recently held that piece-rate employees must be paid at least minimum wage for all non-piece-rate activities, including those to which the piece-rate doesn't apply. These rulings have made many agricultural employers in California do away with piece rate altogether and switch to hourly or incentive-based pay. Jason Resnick, Western Growers General Counsel, provides a review of the devastating class actions being filed on this issue in California, and Dan Fazio updates on Washington regulations. Get the facts, suggested best practices, and considerations for rest periods as well as guidance on this issue.

    THURS | SEP 25

    Check the Box – When can you Exclude job Seekers with a Criminal Past?

    Presenter: Dan Fazio, Director, WAFLA

    Did you know that an employer's use of criminal history information in the hiring process may be discriminatory? Can you ask if a person has been arrested? Can you inquire about convictions? What is ‘disparate impact’ discrimination as it relates to hiring and criminal convictions? You don’t want to discriminate, but you certainly are not going to hire a guy who is a convicted rapist to work in a far off orchard, either. Learn when you can exclude a worker with a criminal past, and when you can’t. This webinar provides the latest EEOC best practices, a handy Labor Brief, and a sample policy.

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