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April 19, 2017
Form I-9 Glitch
When Using Electronic Version
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently posted an announcement reminding employers to address a glitch to the new Form I-9 if downloaded between Nov. 14 and Nov. 17.

For employers using the electronic version when completing the Form I-9, it is advised to re-download the form here if you downloaded the form during this time period and review them. The glitch occurred in the Social Security Number (SSN) field in Section 1. It was reported that when the form was completed electronically, the SSN was transposed. Example: 123-45-6789 entered would appear 123-34-6789 once the form printed. Please remember, it is the employee's discretion as to whether they provide a SSN in Section 1 unless the employer is enrolled in the E-Verify program.

It appears the glitch was immediately corrected back in November, but not widely reported at the time. 

Employers who notice incorrect SSN's should have their employees draw a line through the transposed Social Security number in Section 1, enter the correct Social Security number, and then initial and date the change. Employers should include a written explanation with Form I-9 about why the correction was made in the event of an audit.

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