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Guest Workers H-2A & H-2B Programs

Leading H-2A and H-2B service provider: Guaranteed labor supply PLUS comprehensive labor management support systems.

Seasonal employers need a legal and stable workforce.

LEARN MORE! - Turnkey Legal Worker Program

 APRIL 21, 2017

We have developed cost-saving programs in efforts to reduce the financial burden to employers.

If you are interested in learning more about obtaining a legal, stable, and professional seasonal workforce:

1. Request a free consult now!

2. Understand the Program Basics (see below);and

4. Attend our Annual Workforce Summit(s) - WA, OR, ID (Late January).

Housing Requirements

Employers that use the H-2A program must secure inspected and approved housing, at no cost to all workers who are not reasonably able to return home daily. Housing must be secured 30 days before the date of need. This includes public housing such as hotels and motels that are properly licensed and open to the general public.


Ringold Seasonal Worker Housing, Mesa, WA

Housing Compliance Assistance

Recommended Builders

Program Overview

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Adverse Effect Wage
Rates (AEWR) for 2017
WA & OR $13.38

Click here for Federal Register listing all states.

Determine if a prevailing hourly wage or piece rate has been adjusted for the crop activity or occupation identified in the employer's Application for Temporary Employment Certification, the employer must periodically visit the Department of Labor's Agricultural On-Line Wage Library (AOWL).WA

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