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Custom & Individual Training

Training can be scheduled to occur at your operation or at our Training Center in Kennewick: 3180 W. Clearwater Avenue, Suite I. We can conduct a variety of training for: workers, crew leaders, managers and supervisors in English, Spanish or combined.

Does your operation have a specific challenge to overcome? We can help by developing custom training for specific issues in English, Spanish, or combined. We will sit down with you and your staff and help identify the root source of the challenge. Using your particular company language and culture, we can develop custom training to address the specific challenges.

Training contains interactive processes reflecting real life challenges and examples taken from real experiences to make it effective.

Individual (not all inclusive)


In this training attendees will be introduced to the concepts of the value of good communication and the concepts of active listening, body language, emotional communication, and defusing difficult situations.

This training contains many hands-on exercises and participants will be subject to situations that will require them to apply what they learn and to role playing exercises that will cement their experience.

As leaders, communication is the principal tool that they will be using on a daily basis and through this training they will be introduce to the vast and intricate world of expert communication.


This training is intended to prepare the participants for leadership positions and give them the necessary tools to manage teams in an effective and productive manner. If they are new to leadership or have been doing it for a long time, this training provides necessary and useful tools that can be used and applied by supervisors, crew leaders, or managers.

Through exercises and the teaching of proven leadership techniques, the participants will learn the concept of the servant leader and to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their team and how to use them in the right place for the right task.

Preventing Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a very serious problem. It can be very costly for an organization and it can destroy teams and the carrier of a supervisor or manager.

During this training, we provide the participants with the tools and techniques necessary to prevent and stop any type of harassment in the workplace. By identifying the signs and applying a “zero tolerance” policy leaders can create a productive and safe work environment.

This training gives supervisors and managers the tools necessary to understand what constitutes harassment and to prevent it from happening.

Team Building

No other skill provides a leader more value than how to build a team! Being an authority and working with people is not working with a team. Teams accomplish more, faster, and better! Knowing the principal on how to build a team is invaluable to supervisors and managers.

This training is full of exercises designed to give participants a hands-on experience of techniques for team building and reinforce their leadership skills in the context of a group dynamic.

Visitors in the Field Protocol

This training is essential for anyone that might be in the position to deal with visitors or inspector in the field. The techniques we train will help them direct the visitors or inspectors out of the fields in a respectful, polite, and effective manner that will help follow the policies of the company and will direct the visitors or inspectors to the proper channel.

This training is based on role playing and practice of the necessary techniques to guide the supervisor to act in the appropriate way when confronted with visitors or inspectors.

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