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APRIL 2017

Director Update

Dan Fazio, Director

We stormed into March and worked like lions, filing 65 H-2A contracts for May/June crossings, and April is looking like a lamb by comparison! The April 21, 2017 wafla deadline for H-2A contracts this year is quickly approaching. The reason for the deadline is so that we can file contracts with the maximum time available to help members. Please contact us right away if you are planning a late season contract and we don't have information for it. A great benefit this year will be transporting workers by air. We were able to fly several small groups this month, and the workers love it. We look forward to flying 100+ workers a day in May and June. Another first - wafla crossed the first H-2A workers in America from El Salvador - ever. See story below. 

We hope you were able to attend our first webinar of the season last Tuesday: What to do if ICE Comes Knocking. We received strong reviews from members who attended, so we posted the Labor Brief and other valuable resources from this webinar to the Member's Only/Employer Resources webpage on this issue. Access here. If you haven't taken advantage of the great deal of purchasing a webinar season pass, you should soon. Learn more and view this season's webinar line up here

Last, wafla continues to grow - thanks to members - and we are currently seeking qualified candidates for several new positions. Learn more click here.

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Dan Fazio, Executive Director


HRAnswers - Great Question!

Q. We have chosen to pay our piece rate workers (2014 & 2015) back for their piece rate breaks. What we want to know is what interest rate should be used and how do we calculate the interest? Is it simple or compounded interest? Do we calculate it daily or can we take the sum of the total for 2014 and then pay them interest and same with 2015?

Wafla members can submit unlimited HR questions through HRAnswers located under the members only tab at our website.


Improving H-2A: Efficiency & Options

Air Travel

Wafla conducted several small inbound air travel test groups in March. Air transport is not new for smaller groups, but making the process cost efficient for large groups takes coordination, planning and expertise. Air travel is safer, costs are comparable, it gets the workforce here faster, and workers love it. The goal is making the legal worker program better work for employers in the Pacific Northwest!

Central America Workforce

This month wafla became the first H-2A employer to bring workers from El Salvador. We had been contacted by an agricultural cooperative there who has a fantastic worker training program; our visit in January cemented our belief that these workers will succeed in the PNW. For our first group, we sent 48 to the border, and 94 percent were issued visas. The next week we requested and received visas for all Salvadoran workers. In June, we hope to cross our first group of 100 workers from Guatemala. We have been equally impressed by the infrastructure in place there. 

In 2017, wafla offers a fixed rate of $1,200 per worker from Guatemala and El Salvador, and covers all expenses. Call us if you have questions.

Don't forget: if you need a stable and legal workforce this year, we are asking that you send us your Employer Questionnaire by April 21, 2017. Continuing members with questions should contact Visa Program Manager, Cynthia Gonzalez immediately or (360) 455-8064 x 109. New to using the program? Call Greg Vasquez, or request a consult immediately here:


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Did you Know? Straight from the Government


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Just the Facts

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is the agency within the Department Homeland Security tasked with enforcing immigration laws within the interior of the United States, including worksite enforcement. Sister agency Customs and Border Protection (CBP) inspects people and goods entering the country. Although CBP jurisdiction generally ends 25 miles from the U.S. border, CBP occasionally claims jurisdiction further within the U.S. Finally, United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) assists people who are applying for citizenship, a visa, or permission to enter or remain in the country.

We posted three new guidance resources under the Member's Only/Employer Resources webpage. Click here to access.

  • ICE Enforcement Labor Brief: Immigration Enforcement Policy Shift Under the Trump Administration
  • Know Your Rights (English/Spanish)
  • What to do if ICE Comes Knocking (English/Spanish)
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